by Citizen Theatre & A_tistic

World premiere

8 - 19 November


An inability to identify and describe felt emotions

Focussed specifically on the experiences of Alexithymia, Citizen Theatre and A_tistic have joined forces to create a new theatrical work that gives a voice to stories of females who are on the spectrum.

Alexithymia is a condition that noticeably affects 85% of people diagnosed on the autism spectrum and is defined as an inability to name or label emotions.

Developed and presented by a neuro-diverse creative team, Alexithymia is an interdependent and delicate mix of sensory experiences, sound design and stylised performances, where audiences will be given the opportunity to perceive and interpret the world around them from autistic female perspectives.

Alexithymia is presented over three parts – a situation of someone who fails to understand life’s social rules and uses an implant as a guide; a game show where emotional intelligence is tested by examining scenarios of visceral and physical sensations to determine correct answers; and an experience of someone without any desire for anything and is consequently defined by other peoples expectations and beliefs.

Diagnosed on the autism spectrum, Tom Middleditch is the artistic director of A_tistic and Alexithymia playwright – he best describes Alexithymia as the distance one is from what they feel.

“For those on the autism spectrum, the ability to determine the proximity one is from their emotional experience is ephemeral and can create a divide between themselves and those around them. Theatrically through Alexithymia we will explore the distance, disruption, tension and liberation that accompanies an inability to verbalise, materialise and actualise one’s emotional experience,” explained Middleditch.

There will be a Relaxed Performance of Alexithymia on Saturday 18 November, 4pm.

Content warning: strong language


Citizen Theatre

A_tistic Facebook: @atistictheatre


Writer and producer Tom Middleditch

Director and producer Jayde Kirchert

Dramaturge James Matthews

Visual designer Stu Brown

Sound designer Philip Dallas

Stage manager Jacinta Anderson

Performers Nicola Bowman, Keagan Vaskess and Emma Hoy


Season 8 – 19 November 2017

Preview 8 November 2017

Opening 9 November 2017

Times 8pm Tue – Sun & 4pm Sat 18 Nov

Duration 90 minutes

Venue Meat Market, Stables

Address Corner of Courtney and Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne

Tickets $22 – $35

from 22.00
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