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Details regarding The Meat Market - Stables, which is the venue for Alexithymia and Bread Crumbs are at the bottom of this page.


by citizen theatre & a_tistic, 8-19 November

meat market - stables

Red, Blue, yellow...

I booked tickets to #alexithymiaplay

I booked tickets to #alexithymiaplay

connect to the team

Video teaser & open letter

Dear Citizen,

Congratulations on taking the plunge and booking your tickets to Alexithymia! Start getting excited...you are about to embark on an experience like nothing before…

In preparation for your journey into the autistic world of Alexithymia, we invite you to start taking notice all of the red, blue and yellow objects you see in your everyday life.

But that's not all...just by posting a photo on Instagram of a red, blue or yellow object you will AUTOMATICALLY go in the draw to win a LUCKY DOOR PRIZE, which will be drawn and announced before the show! BUT make sure your Instagram post says “I’ve booked tickets to #alexithymiaplay” or your entry won’t count!

If you haven’t already, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay up to date with all the latest news and tell your friends so they don’t miss out.

We can’t wait to take you on an autistic theatrical journey!

Curiously Yours,

Citizen Theatre & A_tistic

romeo is not the only fruit

By jean tong, 14-26 November

the butterfly club

a note from the composer

A message from James Gales

In the song Pulse Interrupted, Juliet and Darcy finally express their feelings for one another in the classical musical theatre “Soaring Love Duet”. It’s one of my favourite songs we wrote for the show.

Romeo Is Not The Only Fruit uses electronic backing tracks instead of live musicians, and this has afforded us additional expressive possibilities. The bubblegum pop synths in Pulse Interrupted tap into a genre that identifies really well with the tenderness and innocence of realising you’re in love, and it was great to be able to draw on these emotional resonances directly for the stage. Listen out for the cute synth solo that makes us our team squeal every time we hear it!

Having in-the-room collaboration with Jean Tong (Playwright/Director) and Will Hannagan (Musical Director) also kept the lyrics watertight, as good pop demands. This back-and-forth, improvisational collaboration between music and lyrics shines most brightly in Pulse Interrupted.

Come back to this page on Friday 20 October to stream or download Pulse Interrupted - a ticket-holder exclusive!

sample the music - exclusive!

Music: James Gales
Lyrics: Jean Tong

Vocals: Margot Tanjutco (Juliet) and Louisa Wall (Darcy)

The Star Crossed Lovers...

ScreenHunter_491 Oct. 10 15.21.jpg


bread crumbs

by ruby johnston & benjamin nichol, 21 November - 2 December

the meat market - stables

Bread Crumbs.jpg

Bread Crumbs Mentor Awesomeness!


In this teaser video meet Hansel and Gretel. Nothing is as it seems in the world of Bread Crumbs.

lost: 5

by illumi-nation theatre, 23 November - 3 December

irene mitchell studio

Inspired by the work of Salvation Army Major, Brendan Nottle, Illumi-Nation have decided to focus on the issue of homelessness in Melbourne. Their production for the Poppy Seed Theatre Festival follows, literary, in the footsteps of Brendan Nottle who has embarked on an epic journey of more than 700 kilometres, walking from Melbourne to Canberra in an effort to put homelessness on the political agenda.

Walk The Walk For The Homeless will take 40 days and commenced from The Salvation Army's Project 614 on Bourke Street on Friday September 8th.  Visiting communities along the way, Brendan is hearing first-hand about the challenges they face tackling the complex issues contributing to homelessness.

A public petition (opposite) has been established by the Salvos calling on everyday Australians to sign their name in support of a national non-partisan strategy to address the causes of homelessness. They hope to secure 105,237 signatures - one for every Australian who will be homeless tonight.

Kineisha Nottle, daughter of Brendan, will be performing one of Daniel Keene's monologues as part of Illumi-Nation Theatre's production Lost: 5 and wishes to keep the conversation going around the issue of homelessness.


by gravity dolls, 28 November - 9 December

chapel off chapel - the loft

OK people. Are you ready? The team at Gravity Dolls have created a quiz just for ticket buyers. Once you've completed the quiz, it will tell you what sort of game player you are, based upon your answers. After just 10 multiple choice questions you'll know yourself that little bit more.

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the meat market - stables

The venue for both Alexithymia and Bread Crumbs

The Venue

The Meat Market Stables is on the corner of Courtney and Wrecklyn Street, North Melbourne.

Meat Market is an iconic heritage listed building in Melbourne reimagined as a venue for arts, culture and events.