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Details regarding the Victorian Trades Hall, which is the venue for LadyCake and F. are at the bottom of this page.


by attic erratic, 8-20 November

malthouse theatre

reviews for blessed

reviews for previous productions by attic erratic

“Exceptional … the next independent company to make a mark so unforgettable that a hole would exist in Melbourne’s theatre scene without them.” – Aussie Theatre

“Look no further, 4.5 Stars” – To Early Retirement

“A thrilling piece of theatre, 4 Stars” – Crikey.com.au

“Sharp, unflinching and ingeniously directed, 4 Stars” – The Music

“Superb … among the best indie theatre has to offer” – The Age

“A powerful, classic tragedy with the kind of scope that has become all too rare, 5 Stars” – Arts Hub

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Video introduction by the writer - fleur kilpatrick

promotional video

production photographs

Short interview with the director + cast


By three birds theatre, 15-27 November

Victorian trades hall

video introduction

Video teaser

rehearsal photographs

radio interview

Select the podcast from November 3 and forward to 30 minutes in. Anna Rodway talks all things LadyCake and Poppy Seed.

theatre people article

The 2016 Poppy Seed Festival is literally brimming with stunning creatives who are presenting fabulous work with little pomp and circumstance. They are committed and talented companies bringing what they love to the stage with a fresh approach that will certainly leave audiences wanting for more.

The second production to come to the Poppy Seed Festival main stage is Ladycake by Three Birds Theatre – a clever word play on the infamous last queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

The inspiration for the piece for creator, performer and co-founding member of Three Birds Theatre, Candace Miles, was to create a show that fleshes out a female character beyond one-dimensionality. Read more.


What's yours is mine

by hotel now, 22 November - 4 December

The Butterfly Club

Teaser Trailer

opening message

talented and astute

what's yours is mine - the venue

butterfly club.jpg

The Butterfly Club

5 Carson Place

(off Lt Collins Street)


by Riot Stage, 30 November - 11 December

Victorian Trades Hall

F. by Riot Stage (1-11 December at Trades Hall) navigates how teenagers learn about sex and sexuality in 2016 through a dense and stimulating digital landscape - tinder, sexting, web-cams, instant gratification and online personas.

If you remember a time before the internet, you know how much it has changed the world, how much it is currently changing your brain. We have been working with a group of performers who don't know what it was like to not be able to instantly find the answer to something. The internet has changed the way young people grow up, irrevocably. Young people are adapting and responding to the world that prior generations have created for them and while adults like to say in condescending tones, “we know exactly what you are going through, because they have been through it all before,” this is just not an honest statement.

If you are over 30, the way you learned about sex, the way information shaped your life and adolescence is unimaginably different to the experiences of any of our cast members.

In making this show as adults leading a team of teenagers, we mostly listened, frequently googled, and in the end felt like we glimpsed the secret society of what it's like to be 16 in 2016.

Victorian trades hall

The venue for LadyCake and F.


The Venue

The Victorian Trades Hall (The New Ballroom), 54 Victoria Street, Carlton, VIC 3053*

*PLEASE NOTE - the entrance for the theatre is on Lygon Street

The Victorian Trades Hall is an historical building located on the corner of Victoria and Lygon Street. There is ample street parking that surrounds the building and adjacent roads. We do however, recommend arriving early to secure a park as close to the venue as possible. When entering the building for the performance, please use the the door on the left hand side at the top of the grand stone steps located on Lygon Street. Disabled access is via the rear of the building, please email enquiries@poppyseed.net.aufor further details.

Curtin Hotel

Soft drinks and snacks can be purchased from the theatre box office, and alcoholic drinks can be purchased (and consumed) at The Curtin (John Curtin Hotel) across the road from the Victorian Trades Hall. We are pleased to offer The Curtin as our pre-show partner - each evening, after collecting their tickets, patrons of the festival can attend The Curtin knowing that either the hotel staff or a representative of Poppy Seed will alert them to return to the theatre for the commencement of the show.