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festival 2016


presented by Attic Erratic

 A brutal, epic and incredibly human love story, Blessed openly and candidly presents something that few people want to talk about: the anger, helplessness, fear and lack of control felt by those who were never really given a choice.

BY / Fleur Kilpatrick
DIRECTION & PRODUCER / Danny Delahunty

CAST INCLUDES / Matt Hickey, Olivia Monticciolo

Told through a fractured timeline, Blessed follows two familiar strangers so entangled, dark and claustrophobic that nothing in this world could lift them out of their current situation. It is about the struggle to rise above a birthright of poor education, community housing and low paid jobs that bring in just enough to stay alive, but not enough to live on. But it is also a story of dreaming beyond your front door and hoping for something more.

As hope and pessimism collide, and dreams remain out of reach, Blessed asks the question: where does love end in the face of much larger responsibilities?

Shortlisted for the Max Afford Playwrights’ Award (Playwriting Australia) and recipient of the Jill Blewett Playwright’s Award (Adelaide Festival), Blessed is the fourth collaboration between writer Fleur Kilpatrick and director and producer Danny Delahunty (previous works together include: The City They Burned, Skinhouse and Insomnia Cat Came to Stay).


presented by Three Birds Theatre

How easy is it to tear a woman from her throne? 


Candace MilesMadelaine Nunn and Anna Rodway 

COSTUME / Lucy Wilkins 

SET DESIGN / Anastasia Poppenberg 

SOUND AND MUSIC DESIGN / Liam Bellman-Sharpe



LadyCake is a modern re-fashioning of the myths surrounding the infamous last queen of France – Marie Antoinette – who lived like a rock star against the backdrop of a blood-thirsty revolution. But ultimately, LadyCake is just a simple story about a girl.

An electrifying and darkly witty piece that sees a flamboyant collision between 18th century France and the modern day, LadyCake contends with the way speculation, gossip, assumption and physical criticism can cruelly undermine a woman. Using Marie Antoinette as the leading lady, Three Birds Theatre dives into a colourful and captivating world of luxury, revolt and too much cake. LadyCake shows that there is more to someone than just a simple myth about a woman without a heart … or a head. Showcasing the multi-talents of a female-driven ensemble and bursting onto the scene as 2015 Victorian College of the Arts graduates, Three Birds Theatre makes visually striking work that finds the macabre in the comical and brims with an absurd poignancy.


presented by Hotel Now

It's impossible to own anything – whether it is land, people or dilapidated dogs


Hayden BurkeSimone French and Tom Halls 

DIRECTOR / Yvonne Virsik 

PRODUCER / Anastasia Ryan 


STAGE MANAGER / Rikki-Lee Butinar

How much am I worth?
What would you do for all my possessions?

Am I the sum of all my worldly goods?

What's mine can be yours – as long as it's not my Thermomix.

What’s Yours Is Mine explores ownership and "Australian" values, ripping at the seams of the Union Jack with perfectly manicured nails. We excavate excess through centuries of pop culture: Antiques Roadshow, Pauline Hanson, the Chiko Roll and Ken Done. The Australian dream in 2016 seems a little bit closer to a closet full of Gorman clogs than a hardworking man in a pair of thongs.


presented by Riot Stage

Today, when a 16 year old wants to know something about sex – they just Google it.

They Google things like: average dick size, clopping, scissoring, what's squirt and does sex hurt?

DIRECTOR / Katrina Cornwell 

PLAYWRIGHT / Morgan Rose 


PRODUCER / Anna Kennedy 



PERFORMERS / Ross DanielsAlanna MarshallSarah ConroySunny ChironTaylor SeagalBonnie BrownTodd KingstonIzzy WhiteJack ZapsalisThi Minh Chau (Blair) PhanBen van RijnCharlie Brown and Elise Louey

Peer advisor on gender sexuality and diversity Cecelia Devlin

F. navigates how teenagers learn about sex and sexuality in 2016 through a dense and stimulating digital landscape— tinder, sexting, web-cams, instant gratification and online personas. Through a combination of anonymous online surveys, candid conversations and gutsy improvisations, Riot Stage worked with a group of 12 teenagers (15 – 19 year olds) to navigate the topics that have informed the creation of F. including porn, masturbation, consent, pubic hair, gender, kinks and the pressures of a media-saturated world.

A fictionalised presentation grounded on very real issues, F. mirrors the internet – it's an overload of information designed for short attention spans – where five minutes is way too long and content is repeated, adapted and transformed again and again.

F. director, Katrina Cornwell, explains "F. is a new work based on truth and steeped in fantasy about how the internet is taking over our brains and highlights that teens are the ones dealing with the consequences."

"We are spring boarding from Frank Wedekind's classic Spring Awakening which examined the ramifications of sexual oppression in 1892 and re-examining the same issues in a contemporary setting," Cornwell said.

festival 2015

project hysteria

presented by TBC theatre

Images: Myles Tankle

Director and Designer – Alister Smith
Writer – Tennessee Williams
Featuring – Trudi Boatwright, Luke Cadden, Damien Harrison, Annie Last, Fleur Murphy, Eddie Orton, Vaughn Rae and Jessica Redmayne
Costume – Chloe Greaves
Production Management – Emily Rowe
Lighting Designer – Daniel CHapman Assistant Director – Ben Adams
Stage Manager – Elizabeth Verber

An epic and inspiring presentation of two of Tennessee Williams one-act plays, ‘The Pretty Trap’ and ‘Interior: Panic’.

Considered precursors to ‘The Glass Menagerie’ and ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, Tennessee’s one-acts not only give entrancing and curious insight into the seeds of his greatest works, but they offer a beautifully fragmented glimpse into the mind of the man, and artist, that created them. Having stuffed audiences into gaol cells and decrepit gyms, the ensemble based company TBC Theatre is fast becoming known for its unusual staging and dedication to producing bold work.

the yellow wave

presented by 15 minutes from anywhere

Images: Lachlan Woods and Pier Carthew

Director – Beng Oh
Writer – Jane Miller
Featuring – Keith Brockett and John Marc Desengano
Narrator – Andrea McCannon
Set Designer – Emily Collett
Lighting Designer – Matthew Barber

The Yellow Wave is an epic saga of love, heroism and sacrifice as Australia is invaded by the Mongol hordes.

The doomed romance between Philip, Heather and Dick unfolds as our beloved wide brown land is overrun in this exciting but prescient tale of war, romance and boat arrivals.Featuring a huge cast of characters, exciting set pieces, sinister Russians, multiple accents and just two actors, The Yellow Wave is an invasion like no other.

gin sister

presented by Man with a plan


Director – Elizabeth Millington
Featuring – Emma Hall, Jean Goodwin, Alice Cavanagh
Producer – Cameron Stewart
Set Designer – Emily Collett
Lighting Designer – Matthew Barber

Three women from across the ages create the ultimate theatrical response to women’s drinking culture in a world where there is no God.

Through an eclectic mix tape of song, dance, verbatim, poetic self-reflections and classical text, Man With A Plan takes you on an intoxicating journey through the female experience of our favourite poison.

the one, by vicky jones

presented by Fire curtain co

Images: Pier Carthew

Director – Tanya Dickson
Writer – Vicky Jones
Featuring – Kasia Kaczmarek, Ben Prendergast and Emily Tomlins
Set and Costume – Sophie Woodward
Lighting Designer – Amelia Lever-Davidson

One couple. One night. No rules.

Vicky Jones’ award-winning smash hit The One is a darkly hilarious new work about a couple trapped in a violent and destructive cycle of co-dependant love and lust. Premiering in 2014 to rave reviews at the Soho Theatre in London, this “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” for the digital generation is 65 intense minutes of sex, violence, and snack food, which brutally asks: “In the warfare of modern relationships, what are the rules of engagement?”